Friday Favorite: Live Clean

June 8, 2012

My super sized bottles of salon grade shampoo and conditioner were reaching their end so I was in the market for something new. I’ve been trying to switch some of my every day products to be more natural and thought it would be the perfect chance to try more natural products for my hair. Why switch to natural hair products? Skin is our biggest organ and I don’t want to be smothering it with chemicals that could have harmful effects on my body (and my growing baby!). Combine the skin issues I’ve been having, I want to keep as few harsh and harmful chemicals from my skin as I can.

Thankfully Lindsey had blogged about a product line that was right up my alley! I picked up some Live Clean Bali Oil Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner from Superstore to try out. I think I will be sticking with this brand from now on!

First of all, the smell! It smells AMAZING! So much better than my old salon shampoo line.The main components of this particular kind of shampoo and conditioner is palm oil and coconut oil so no wonder! I think this is one of the biggest things for me is having delicious smelling hair products. However the biggest selling feature is the fact that Live Clean products are made with all natural, plant based ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals anywhere to be found. There are no sulfates, parabens, phosphates or any of the other wacky things you can’t pronounce and don’t know what they mean. All products are vegan and cruelty free.

Besides shampoos and conditioners, Live Clean also has styling treatments, body wash, hand wash, lotions, face cleansers and creams, as well as an entire baby line! I think I will be slowly switching my products over once they run out and I will definitely be checking out the line of baby products.

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to easily find a line of products so perfect for what I was looking for that work great and smell great, but Live Clean pulled through!

Do you use more natural products? What are your favorites? 

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    June 11, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    So glad you tried these products! Yes that shampoo smells amazing! I have some of their baby line…its yours now 🙂

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