Sad Faces

May 31, 2012

We’ll start on a happy note: Friday my best friend and I went to see What To Expect When You’re Expecting. I really enjoyed it, it was funny but also sad at times too. If you’re expecting you may want to stash a couple tissues in your purse, just in case. Even if you’re not expecting, it’s still a cute movie to go see with a girlfriend!

The rest of the week wasn’t as much fun. Layne and I didn’t get much time together this weekend between him working and catching up on sleep. We got in a bit of a tiff on Sunday just before he left for work over silly things, a mixture of miss-communication, stress and hormones. I didn’t realize that when he left, he was going to be gone for a few weeks.

Having a boyfriend who works away a lot is both a blessing and a burden. I’m used to my time, my little routine and being independent so having him gone during the week means I don’t have to change up too much. But when he’s home on the weekends he’s struggling to catch up on sleep, do laundry, get things done that he can’t do away from home, spend time with me and socialize with friends. It ends up going by way too quickly and we don’t get much quality time together. It’s definitely hard. He’s starting to look for work in town and I hope that he can find something. There’s days where I’d love nothing more for him to come to an ultrasound appointment (he came to the first one, but that was it), feel the baby moving, or just take me for ice cream after a rough day at work. We have four months until our little man arrives and I want to make the most of them and have a super fun summer together before our lives change. It’s going to be hard to do when he’s not here to do things with. Sigh.

Aside from that, my skin has really been bugging me this week. The dryness from the possible eczema is getting worse and has appeared on my jaw line, left cheek and in between my eyes. I was on a mad search for Cod Liver Oil capsules of a certain potency with specific EPA and DHA levels as recommended by the nurse I saw at my last prenatal appointment. I wasn’t having any luck as capsules don’t come that strong so I’d need to take a million of them a day to get what I needed. While plain old oil would have been good for applying topically, I was really scared to take it internally since the taste and texture aren’t very appealing. Finally thanks to the helpful girls at Living Nutrition I was able to make a decision on what to get. I ended up with a super high potency, key lime flavored cod liver oil that tastes and feels like pie filling. It’s DELICIOUS! They even let me sample some in store before purchasing. Obviously the flavored stuff won’t be good to use topically so I bought some plain old capsules to break open for my face. They don’t carry unflavored oil since it’s so nasty no one ever buys it. I was lucky enough to walk in on a Tuesday which happens to be 20% off day every week! BONUS! I’m hoping that by taking the oil daily and applying it to my face, this weirdness will start to clear up.

Aside from that the only other change I have to report is that I can now sometimes feel the bun moving from the outside. It’s faint and usually stops when my hand gets too warm on my stomach but once in awhile I feel a tiny bump. The other night I was reading in bed and could even SEE a bit of movement too! It’s still so weird to me, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. If only Layne could be here for it too.

Tomorrow is the first day of June which means only four months to go. EEP!

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    May 31, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    four months? wow!
    i cannot wait to feel a baby inside my belly, i think its going to be so amazing.
    In the meanwhile i’ll just continue cuddling my very quickly growing niece.

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