Music Monday: Throwback!

May 28, 2012

Lately I’ve been having a bit of a musical dry spell. I haven’t found any new music that totally blows me away and gets me pumped up. My usual tunes have grown very old so I’ve resorted back to some old favorites.

The past few weeks I’ve been pumping out non-stop AFI. They are hands down, my favorite band. Ok No Doubt might be a tie but they’re two totally different sounds. When I recently drove out to my parents, I popped in my old Sing The Sorrow album and belted out all the words at the top of my lungs the entire way. I feel sorry for the little bun who was subjected to my awful singing voice.

I’ve retired Volbeat and switched to the really old stuff, Black Sails, Art of Drowning, the perfect punk rock beats to get me through a run.

Listening to these albums that were staples back in high school bring back a certain sense of nostalgia for the times that were much simpler (not that I thought so at the time).  That nostalgia brings a wave of happiness to me and reminds me that no matter how crazy life seems right now, I will look back on it down the road and realize it really wasn’t that bad.

Any music bring back similar feelings for you?
What are you listening to and loving these days, new or old ? 

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