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My First Mother’s Day

May 13, 2012

Remember how I said that I had my ultrasound tech write down our baby’s gender so Layne and I could find out together? I was very proud of myself for not peeking, although I was VERY tempted. I was anxious to see him Saturday morning and of course he was taking his sweet time to come over. When he finally got here I pointed out the envelope. You’ll never guess what happened! He put it in his pocket and said I can’t have it until Sunday. WHAT?! NOT FAIR! I totally should have peeked. But apparently he had some sort of master plan…

Fast forward to today. Rather than the crew going for our usual Sunday brunch, we decided to hit up the Menchies grand opening and had some free fro-yo for breakfast. It was a perfect day to sit outside and enjoy the greatest thing to hit Red Deer.


Even the pup loves Menchies!

Shortly after that Layne loaded me up and headed off to Edmonton for my surprise. He spilled the beans on the way, he was taking me to Build-a-Bear! I know it’s cheesy, but going there has been something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do and it’s one of the items on my bucket list. He obviously had help for this plan because I know he’s never read this blog at all. So thank you Dax, for helping him!

Once we got to the store Layne pulled out the envelope and we got to see the gender of our little nugget. We then put our love into building the babe it’s first teddy bear. I felt incredibly silly during the heart ceremony but Layne and I both rubbed as much love as possible into the heart and made the best wishes we could for our child.

Conveniently Victoria’s Secret was right across from Build-a-Bear and I was dying for a bra fitting to see just how much the girls have grown during this process. I got fitted (I grew a full cup size!) and treated myself to a new sports bra. Can’t wait to put it to use! I also quickly dragged Layner to Sephora so I could exchange the concealor I’m allergic to and buy some new mascara. I was really impressed to learn you can return stuff there even without a receipt!

After a nice lunch together we headed back to Red Deer so Layne could get ready for work and I could get ready for the week ahead. It was such a nice way to spend my first Mother’s Day and I couldn’t have asked for anything else from Layne. <3

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I never mentioned what the gender of babe is, it’s because I have a little plan up my sleeves. My folks are out of town on vacation (jerks didn’t take me!) so I will wait for them to come home to tell them first. Stay tuned for the gender reveal later this week!

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    Leslie Bangamba
    May 13, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    Happy Mothers Day Becky <3 xoxo

  • Reply
    May 13, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    this week?! YES, can’t wait!! i wish i coulda peaked at the envelope 😛

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