Music Monday: Awolnation

April 9, 2012

Last September this little known band was playing a show at the Starlight Room in Edmonton and I so desperately wanted to go, but missed out to attend my nephew’s 2nd birthday party instead. I figured it would be a couple years until Awolnation came around again, but surprisingly I was wrong.

When I heard they were in Edmonton again I knew I wasn’t going to miss it this time. Emailed my Edmonton Bestie to see if she wanted to join and bought tickets. While I was on the verge of my annual spring sinus/allergy attack and wasn’t feeling the best, I’m glad I made the long night out of town to see the band. They were rad.

If you aren’t familiar with Awolnation, I highly recommend checking them out. Although it’s very likely you’ve heard their first single before, “Sail”. Words can’t even describe how in love with this song I am. It’s so powerful it gives me shivers. I know, I’m weird about my music. That’s not the only good song from their debut record, Monolithic Symphonies. Another favorite of mine is “All I Need”, it’s such a feel good song, I can’t help but smile when I hear it. With a chorus that reads, “All I need is you smiling at me, all I need is life, love with you,” how can you not?

Luckily the band performed just as well live as they do on record, and played all the good songs with enough time for me to duck out a bit early to make the long drive back home. If you’re a fan of electro/alt rock and haven’t yet bought/downloaded/listened to this album, go do it. If you are a fan of Awolnation already, go see them when they roll through your town!

What was the last concert you went to?

Fun fact about Awolnation: The guitarist, Christopher Thorn, is also the guitarist from Blind Melon.

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