Friday Favorites

March 16, 2012

I keep meaning to write some posts sharing some of my favorite stuff with you guys. I’m going to try and make this a weekly thing, but please don’t hold me to it, you never know what will happen around here.

This week’s favorite? Victoria’s Secret Pink yoga crops. I own three pairs of these now and LOVE them. They are just as comfy as Lulu crops but for half the price and way cuter designs. The first pair I bought have a pink waist band, then I got a pink leopard pair for Christmas and last weekend I indulged in another pair that is white with leopard print hearts. Cutest. I’m really hoping to find this pair soon:

I’m a little obsessed with leopard print. I’ve never been able to find these ones in store so I may just have to bite the bullet and order them online. That always gets dangerous though because I want to spend more to justify paying for shipping.

Aside from the crops, I also have a pair of Pink yoga shorts, but they have bling on the backside of them and I find them rub when I’m actually wearing them for yoga, so they don’t get as much use as the crops. Still super cute though.

If you love yoga crops but can’t afford the hefty pricetag of Lululemon, I definitely recommend trying a pair of VS Pink. Whether you want them for yoga, or just lounging, they are definitely worth it and are this week’s Friday Favorite!

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