Sunday Funday: Banff Edition

August 14, 2011

Today a girlfriend and I got our butts out of bed early, packed a bag full of snacks and drove out West to Banff for a day of hiking. I had wanted to go back to Johnston Canyon ever since a friend took me out there last summer. This summer has been so crazy with all of the travel and working on this new bucket list item I’m crossing off this month and I really looked forward to enjoying a nice sunny day in the beautiful mountains. 

We arrived around 11:00am to find the parking lot completely full and had to park down the road. We booked it fast past the falls without stopping to admire them much so we could get to the tougher park of the hike where there was less crowds to get in our way. We made the entire 6km trek in about an hour and a half before we reached the Ink Pots at the top.  This is becoming one of my favorite places to go, the views are so amazing and nothing beats filling up an empty water bottle after a good hike with cold, refreshing mountain water from the stream.


Sorry Nigel

After completing the entire 12km trip in just short of three hours, we decided to drive into Banff to wander around a grab a bite to eat on a patio before making the trek back home. Despite eating far too much dinner, I insisted we stop at Peter’s Drive In because SOMEONE had never been before. The place was a zoo but the wait in the giant line was so worth it, I love their Root Beer milkshakes but they have around thirty different flavors and you can mix up to three different ones together for an endless number of combinations.

I couldn’t have asked for a better trip to get away from the city, get some exercise and spend quality time with a good friend. I am so lucky that I live so close to such beauty in the mountains. I definitely need to get out to the Banff area more often. I can only imagine how fit I would be if I did hikes like this on a regular basis. Although the next mountain hike I do is going to have to be a little longer and more challenging. This one is too easy now!

Another incredibly fulfilling activity from this weekend was hanging at the SPCA with my bunny friends. They make me smile. This week there is a brand new one who is the color of chocolate and caramel, he’s yet to be named. I want to adopt him and Garth so bad but am happy I get to spend time with them every week. Friends, if you’re wanting to bring a new furry addition into your home, I encourage you to go down to the SPCA (or your local shelter) and give one of those animals the loving home they deserve.


I do apologize for the lack of writing this month. It’s been hectic! I have a list of things in my head I want to share with you and I promise I will get there as soon as I find the time when my brain is not feeling all mushy.

Until then, I share with you something full of cuteness (because the chocolate/caramel bunny wasn’t enough):

Live Video streaming by Ustream

It’s a live webcam from a beaver den from Ellis Bird Farm *squeal*

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  • Reply
    August 14, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    Sorry doesn’t cut it Becky HAHA. looked like another good trip though 🙂

  • Reply
    Allison @ Food for Healing
    August 15, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    so jealous! i have never been to the mountains, i seen some from inside the calgary airport when we were coming home from mexico.
    i want to go camping and hiking in the mountains next year, its on my list!

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