View from our balcony

Mexico Recap

July 14, 2011

Hola friends! Como estas?

I totally failed to stay up to date with the blog while I was gone. We were BUSY! Plus I didn’t have my phone on me during the days which meant no time to blog unless I was in the room but I generally was there to shower and pass out.

View from our balcony

View from our balcony


The wedding was AMAZING but I will post about that later. There’s a photo ban until the bride gets her professional pictures which should be in the next day or two. Once we can post pictures I will tell you about the whole thing!

The day after the wedding the group went to Xplore, an adventure park where you can zipline, ride amphibious vehicles through grottos and jungle paths, and swim or raft through stalactite rivers. It was alot of fun. Unfortunately my mom was really sick and couldn’t make the trip with us so I had to babysit dad. Despite not knowing how to swim, he did really well swimming through the river, even if I did have to pull him along to catch up with the group a couple of times. Ziplining was awesome, especially on the lines that went really fast so Billie and I got to double. We went through waterfalls, landed in water, went over suspension bridges, down water slides, over roads and powerlines (scary), and jaguars and crocodiles. I could have rode the ziplines all day long!

That night we hit up the Brazillian a la carte restaurant at the resort. It’s a really neat concept. They bring you a little sample of appetizers, then you’re free to visit the salad bar, and then they bring you some rice, potatoes and whatnot before bringing out the meat. You get cards that are green on one side and red on the other. Green means keep serving, red means stop. The meat comes in various forms on giant skewars so you can sample as many kinds that come around until you’re full. And we definitely ate until we were full. Numerous food-gasms occurred and many food babies were conceived that night. Afterwards we wandered to the other side of the resort to the swing bar, which is what it sounds like, swings around the bar. We proceeded to drink them out of mojitos, so yummy. It was a very relaxed atmosphere, perfect night.

Meat Skewar!

the swing bar

The next day I woke up not feeling so hot. It wasn’t from the abundance of drinks because I didn’t get overly intoxicated. We ate breakfast and then wandered down to the beach which was fairly deserted. We had planned on doing a beach workout but couldn’t get motivated enough in the morning so cut our beach time short and joined an aqua-fit class instead. It was very beginner and incredibly cheesy but we had a good time. We were then dragged back to the beach by some resort staff to join in a big game of soccer which was pretty fun despite being tackled by one of the staff and covered in sand numerous times. After that no one would take me seriously, in my leopard bikini covered in sand, so I never got the ball passed to me and quickly lost interest in the game. I can’t even begin to describe how much sand was inside my bathing suit when I went to have a shower, it was fairly entertaining. Once I got all the sand out of all the nooks and crannies we got ready to meet with some more of the group to head into Cancun for our Pirate show! I was feeling more and more sick by this point and wasn’t as excited for the show as I should have been. I ended up being sick right before getting on the boat and then again once I was on. But the pirate show was alot of fun – they make you do lots of crazy dancing and games before feeding you dinner (which I couldn’t eat) and then later in the evening the two boats come together for a battle. The fighting is pretty impressive, there were even sparks coming off the swords. By the time we got back to the resort I was ready to sleep off whatever bug I had so called it a night while everyone hit the disco for what sounded like a super fun night.


Friday was pub crawl day as an early celebration for Cassandra’s birthday. We all met for dinner at the seafood restaurant where we were met with applause from all the staff upon walking in. That was kind of a weird experience, I felt more important than I already am :p The food was AMAZING. I had a coconut grouper that was to die for. I also had a taste of the mahi-mahi which was just as delicious. If I wasn’t feeling off still I could have sampled every one’s meals that night. After dinner it was on the bus to Playa del Carmen where we hit up three different bars. First stop was Senor Frogs, where they just couldn’t bring the drinks fast enough. Canadians get thirsty, don’t you know? From there we moved onto a newer nightclub called the Pink Elephant where we danced our hearts out until it was time to move to the last place, Coco Bongo. What an incredible establishment this was. It probably held 1500-2000 people on three different floors with amazing acrobatic and dance acts onstage. I think my favorite were the acts based on the movies Beetlejuice and Troy. Muscular men in white loin clothes are always ok to dance around in front of me! I definitely could have stayed all night, that is until an unfortunate event involving a blast of air blowing our dresses up while dancing on stage. We were warned that would happen but Miss Billie just couldn’t say no to dancing onstage at Coco Bongo in Mexico because ‘when will you ever get to do that’. Thank god I wore underwear…

The Pink Elephant

The last full day we had was a rainy one but we had a horseback riding excursion booked that we weren’t going to miss. We were both pretty pumped because when we booked it we were told we would be riding through the jungle, on the beach and through a lagoon. The horse back riding was alot of fun, but there definitely was no riding through lush jungle and the ocean was no where to be seen. It was just a trail, the same used for ATV tours, etc. Luckily the rain is warm and didn’t make for an uncomfortable riding session. That night Billie and I had booked ourselves a ‘romantic lobster dinner’ to use some resort credit we had. The rain had moved the dinner from the beach indoors but we still enjoyed ourselves and the food. Following dinner we met up with the rest of the crew back at the swing bar, which moved on to more shenanigans at the disco, a late night swim, and a jacuzzi tub filled with friends and bubbles. It was a really fun way to end the trip.

Date night

The next morning definitely not so fun, but a last minute lie in at the pool in the hot sun (figures its the sunniest the day we leave) helped make me feel a bit better. It was a long afternoon of travelling but it felt good to finally be at home in my own bed.

Paradise by the pool

I will post more about the wedding in detail very soon so stay tuned!

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    Allison @ Food For Healing
    July 15, 2011 at 10:14 am

    mexico is such an amazing place. Xplore was pretty awesome when we went, we probably will go back next year, we only got to zipline the one route, the “jaguar” and didn’t get a chance to do the other, so i look forward to doing that.
    I am excited for all the food there, its always so fun and interesting.
    I hope you have more pictures of you in mexico, you are one hot mama! lol

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