Cliffs of Moher & Final Castle Days

June 18, 2011

Today was our last day of touring on the bus. Our destination today was the Cliffs of Moher. I was really excited for this one and hoped that my day would be made by seeing a puffin!

When we got there we were greeted by sudden rain and strong winds, not the most ideal weather. It didn’t last long and we were able to enjoy the spectacular views. Words can’t even describe how cool the cliffs are and pictures don’t begin to do it justice. There were even puffins, thousands of them! Unfortunately they were so far down the cliffs you could see them clearly, just white specks on the rock.

From the cliffs we went onwards to the Burrens which is a completely diffferent landscape then the usual lush greens everywhere else in Ireland. The Burren is made from layers of bed rock that has formed ‘grikes’ and ‘clints’. Grikes are the crisscrossing cracks in the layers of limestone while the clints are the isolated rocks left by the cracks.

The evening back at Dromoland was a relaxing one. We hit up the hot tub (which was more like a warm bath) until the rain started to fall again, had dinner The Fig Tree restaurant at the golf course clubhouse and went back to visit Richard again.

The next day was a completely free day at the castle. No more bus! We took the opportunity to sleep in a little and skipped the gym since it was pretty small and didn’t have the best equipment. After breakfast we hoped on some peddle carts and ripped around the grounds for awhile. This proved a little difficult going up hills so we ended up getting a workout in anyways!

That afternoon we went on a hawk walk where we learned all about falconry! It was so cool having the giant bird land on your arm, surprisingly they are very gentle and light! We learned some interesting tidbits on the animals, such as Hollywood has based raptor mannerisms around the way the falcons walk. After the walk we got to go back and see some of the other birds which included a baby falcon and hound puppy that the guy was training to hunt together. Of course I was more interested in playing with the puppy at this point. So cute.

By then it was time to have some food. Momma Fitness and I went for high tea while the men went fishing. High tea was so fun and delicious, there was not one single sandwich, pastry or scone I did not enjoy. After tea I went back to the room to get ready for the evenings medieval banquet. We got to choose costumes to wear for the event in the morning and I was actually really looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up.

The entire group met in costume in front of the castle for pictures before being led by a piper to the castle ballroom where an amazing banquet setup was waiting for us. We filled up on dinner consisting of a buffet full of new foods, desserts and cheese. The night was an early one as the next day was time to leave. It was sad to say goodbye to all the new friends made over the past week.

I had a great time getting to know people on this trip: Ben and Carol, Kyrsta, Rob and Alina, and Jay. Hopefully someday I will see you all again!





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