It’s A Charlie Sheen Kind of Day

June 6, 2011

Yesterday was one of the funnest days I can remember having for a very long time. With all my schoolwork, working out and dieting, I haven’t been very social and have missed hanging out with the good friends in my life. I finally got to get out and have some fun and celebrate the upcoming marriage of two of the best people in my life, my best friend Cassandra and her fiancée Kevin.

It took alot of planning between the best man and I but we came up with a really fun day and even funner afternoon. The day’s activities were kept secret from the entire group. All that was known was that we were being picked up in some ‘fancy transportation’ early in the morning and heading up to West Edmonton Mall for a day of unknown fun. The evenings dinner plans were for The Red Piano.

The ‘fancy transportation’ wasn’t a limo as most people assumed. Given that it’s grad season, limo rentals were a little too pricey for what we needed. Instead we rented a passenger van and driver for a more reasonable price. It wasn’t luxurious, but it got the job done. Once we piled in, the best man and I announced the days activity. It was a Bride vs Groom scavenger hunt full of things to take pictures of, collect or do with the team earning the most points winning. It was a really great way to have some fun in the mall without just wandering around like you would on any other weekend. Plus, who doesn’t love a little competition. 😉

Some of the scavenger hunt items included:

Take a picture with someone in skates

Get a picture with a Hooter's waitress

Get a makeover

Play a game of BINGO!

Bumper Boats

Buy Pocky

Find a Lexus

Lick a bowling shoe...Blech!

Get a tattoo

Looks real right? We thought we’d be clever and take a picture that looked like Billie was getting a My Little Pony tattoo (not unreasonable for her), and then bandage her up with some red ink to look like blood. The boys didn’t like that idea, especially since two of them got REAL tattoos.

Put on a full Lululemon outfit & dress in the opposite sex, we did two in one!

Ironically, the boys had the same idea.....

In the end the girls totally kicked the boy’s butts, we accomplished ALOT! We may have cheated a few times, but I thought we were pretty creative. Even without our big cheats, we still would have won. Sorry boys!

Win or lose we all had a fun day! It was a good change from just wandering around the mall like we would on any other day. Once we were done we piled into the Sears bathroom to change and get ready for the evening. We all met up at The Red Piano.

Team Bride

The Red Piano is one of my all time favorite places to go. They have such a cool atmosphere, and we were lucky enough to get the best table in the house, right beside the two red pianos! We ordered dinner and drinks, which for me consisted of Crab Mac & Cheese. It tasted like my mom’s classic baked mac and cheese without the crab, which is by far one of my favorite home cooked meals. Amazing.

Later in the evening the entertainment began. Four singers, two pianos, endless requests for songs – and bribes are accepted.

$70 for Roxanne by The Police - for real

One of my favorite moments was when the Best Man requested (for a pretty penny) ‘Lean on Me’ and the singer made the bride and groom dance on stage to it. Even though they were embarrassed and made a few public butt grabs during the show, it was a really romantic moment. Even the singer commented at the end that it was so touching, he couldn’t even make a joke about them.


Everyone in attendance had the best day and a killer night, singing and dancing away. I’m glad I got the chance to plan it and help create these memories before the wedding. I’m definitely even more excited to share some more fun with the crew in Mexico next month.

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    Allison @ Food For Healing
    June 7, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    sounds like a lot of fun. i remember doing a scavenger hunt type thing years ago with my youth group, but we had to find some of our people, dressed really bad and say keywords to them, so that they would give us the next clue and then we’d have to find the next person with a clue. Let me say, we approached some strange looking people that we NOT in on it at all, I guess some people just dress weird bahaha

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