Surviving Bikram Yoga Red Deer

January 7, 2011

Hello Friends,

I’ve just completed my very first session of yoga at the new Bikram Yoga Red Deer. Previously I practiced hot yoga at the Amaryllis Centre but it does not compare AT ALL to this yoga. I’ve already had a few people ask me how it differs and what to expect so here is the low down.
It is very hot. I mean that. They pump steam into the room, unlike Amaryllis that just turns the heat up high. It is much hotter and alot harder to get used to. 
Wear as little clothing as possible, you’ll be soaked. The website says wear no pants, I thought that was the silliest thing ever. I hate shorts, I don’t really own appropriate yoga shorts. I will never, ever wear pants to this class ever. I wanted to remove my shirt within two minutes of entering the room. I’m telling you, it’s really hot in there. 
It is not relaxing. It’s fast paced and they encourage you to push yourself as hard as possible. 
For first timers, don’t be intimidated. Make sure you drink ALOT of water before hand. I drink alot of water throughout the day but I still got dehydrated and as I type this I’m fending off a dehydration headache. That being said, make sure you drink alot afterwards as well. Your body definitely needs it. 
Do your best on the poses, you probably won’t be able to do them all, or will fall out of a pose. This is ok, everyone does it. Don’t let the people at the front make you feel bad for not being able to go as deep as them. Do what you can. 
Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Yoga is an amazing mind and body workout. Bikram may be harder than anything than you’re used to, but you are doing amazing things for yourself. 
For anyone interested in checking this out, they are offering *FREE* sessions this weekend only at 10am, noon and 3:30pm. Arrive about half an hour early to make sure you can get a spot on the floor. Any earlier is unneccessary as they have the doors locked between classes. 
For more info on the studio, check out Let me know how you like it! 
Oh, and one last thing. It gets easier. Don’t let the first hard class scare you from going back. 


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    February 7, 2011 at 10:33 am

    My wife is going about twice a week, and she comes home looking like she got the crap beat outta her, but she loves it!

    I hate the heat, not a chance I would be going 🙂

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    February 8, 2011 at 8:51 pm

    Yep, I basically look like a drowned rat afterwards. It's worth every drop of sweat though!

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