Five: New Albums

November 30, 2010

I think I might try something new for my blog and periodically post a top five list of various topics. If you have a suggestion for a top five list, let me know. But today I’m giving you the last five albums I’ve purchased. Enjoy.

1.      Bruno Mars: Doo-Wops and Hooligans
I am seriously obsessed with everything to do with Bruno Mars right now. After hearing his latest single ‘Grenade’ on the radio, I knew I had to go out and purchase this album in hard copy instead of downloading on Itunes and I don’t regret a cent of it. This Hawaiian crooner knows the way straight through my eardrums and right into my heart. He makes me smile and he makes me melt. If you’re looking for some true talent, a mellow listen and a feel good album, this is the one for you.

2.      Luke Pickett: For Every Petal Lost, Another Gained
One of my best friends gave me this CD a couple weeks ago and it spent a solid two weeks in my CD player on repeat. It’s such a simple, beautiful album that I wish I would have discovered four years ago when it was first released. If anyone is a fan of my good friends in City and Color, you will fall in love with Luke Pickett as well. Luke, with his falcetto vocals and soft guitar melodies will capture your heart and make you want to shed a tear or two. He’s a little known secret that I’m sharing with anyone in need of a good cry over a great acoustic album.  

3.      Kesha: Cannibal
I think most people can agree that Kesha might not be the most talented or respected artist out there right now. She’s all about the party and fun and it’s very apparent in just about every one of her songs. The new album is only a disappointing 9 songs long, with one being a remix of ‘Animal’ from her first album. But there’s a few songs that get me pumped up and make me want to dance like a fool in my living room, and one that makes me laugh. If you’re looking for some mindless fun, this is the album for it.

4.     Kings of Leon: Come Around Sundown
I must admit I’m slightly disappointed in the new KOL album. After hearing the first single ‘Radioactive’ I was a little hesitant about downloading the full album. I went for it because I am so in love with their last album Only By the Night. My gut instinct was right, it’s just not as good. Only By the Night is one of those albums that I can close my eyes and listen to with my entire body, there’s not many albums that can do this for me, but trust me, if you see me lying on the floor with my eyes closed and the music cranked, you know it’s a good album. Come Around Sundown doesn’t have the same effect for me.

5.       Jack Johnson: To The Sea
Another amazing Hawaiian artist makes it to my list this week. After just returning from a family vacation in the Aloha State, I may be doing whatever I can to keep the island spirit strong. Jack Johnson has been a long time favorite for many years and To The Sea is another great showcase of a talented man with his guitar. I can just picture him sitting on the beach, strumming away to the love of his life. This may not be my favorite album from Mr. Johnson, but it’s got the same great look and feel and is definitely not a disappointment. I extend a warm Mahola for sharing your talent on another great album Jack. 

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